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As Ride to Work Week returns for another year (20th – 26th June), one of Ireland’s leading motorcycle insurance brokers, Carole Nash, is giving its riders in Ireland a week’s free commuter insurance to celebrate the benefits of commuting to work on a motorbike or scooter.

Ride to Work Week celebrates the motorcycling industry and educates riders on the time saving, money effectiveness, easier parking facilities and the fun that comes with riding a bike to their place of work. Carole Nash is extending riders commuter insurance for free from 20th -26th June in Ireland, to encourage motorcyclists to choose two wheels over four!

Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing at Carole Nash, said: “Ride to Work Week is a fantastic way for motorcycle lovers to get out and enjoy riding. We wanted to give something back to the biking community by offering a week’s free commuter insurance to encourage people to ride their motorcycle to work.  

“There are so many benefits to commuting via bike but the most important of course is that unlike catching the bus or being stuck in a car, biking is an enjoyable experience. We hope that people take full advantage of our weeks’ free insurance and put the fun back into their daily commute.”

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