Irish Garages


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In Weston Skies


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The Irish International Grand Prix


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Motor Assembly in Ireland


Motor Assembly in Ireland came into being in 1934 when tax concessions were granted to companies assembling cars with a high percentage of locally manufactured parts such as tyres, batteries, glass, paint, spark plugs, upholstery and springs. As such the assembly industry that continued until the last cars were produced in 1984 after our accession to the EC, was a vital, and often under appreciated, stage in the transition of the Republic of Ireland from a farming to and industrial economy. 

This is the story of the fifty plus makes assembled.

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The Ballyjamesduff, Dundalk & Dun Laoghaire Motor Races


The Ballyjamesduff, Dundalk & Dun Laoghaire street races were the last in a long line of uniquely Irish Races held on public streets. They encapsulated all the traditions of this form of racing born in the 1920s before being swept away by permanent circuits and the demands of modern racing

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Drive Ireland -r<em>eview by Irish Vintage Scene</em>


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Crashed and Byrned


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