Club Displays

We hope that clubs from all over Ireland will come and support our show and help make it a very special event for all involved. Once again all the pre-registered clubs will be given a specific space based on the number of vehicles they are bringing along, and all the club stands will be in the enclosure area of the racecourse, which is on hard surfaces. We would encourage clubs to put up some flags, banners and club merchandise to promote themselves, and we will provide the club with a sign to give visitors general information about the club.

Rather than having lots of different club members contacting us, we will work one-on-one with a club representative and they, in turn, can co-ordinate with their club members. We appreciate that at this time you will not have all the details of the vehicles to be on display, but we request that you please give us an estimate of the number of vehicles you will have on the stand, and we will contact your nominated club representative for a final figure and more details in mid-May to finalise details.