Issue 5 (October 2006)


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October 2006, Issue 5

–       HILLMAN MINX: Thanks to fond memories of his father’s old car, James Allen has gone to great lengths to restore this 1952 Hillman Minx, which involved some serious detective work in order to secure some parts.

–       THE OVERTIME TRACTOR: The Overtime represents one of John Deere’s first moves in the tractor industry, but the tractor’s history goes back to the previous Waterloo Boy model. Here, Enda Curran meets an owner of no less than two of these legendary machines.

–       TRIUMPH T-100P: The Triumph fan may recognise that this ‘P’ model is an ex-Garda motorcycle, which was first stationed in the Phoenix Park in 1972. Nowadays, it enjoys a life of retirement with its enthusiastic owner.

–       ESCORTED BY ESCORT: For many, the ideal wedding car is a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, but not for Margaret Nee. For her, only one car would do; her father’s old 1979 Ford Escort, which holds many childhood memories for her.

–       VINTAGE ART: Norbert Sheerin pays a visit to an amazing collection of vintage machinery in Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo.

–       SHINY CHEVROLET: An enthusiastic owner introduces us to the experience of American muscle-car ownership, with his ’75 Camaro.

–       FIAT 127: Gerry Barrett takes us through the life and times of the Fiat 127, which was built from 1971 to 1983.

–       SHOW REPORTS: Event reports from the Irish Kidney Association Ladies’ Tractor Drive, Trim V&V Rally, Mercedes Commercial Vehicle Festival from Germany, Charleville Vintage Show, Growell Ferguson 20 Birthday Bash, Omagh & District Annual Rally and South Roscommon Vintage Club Run.

–       PLUS: All your monthly favourites like Laid to Rust, News & Events, Diary Dates, Your Letters, Pastimes, classifieds and lots, lots more!

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