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Retro Classics is the second magazine published by Irish Vintage Scene, which caters for those interested in modified or high-performance classic and vintage cars, as well as competition cars.

As well as classic cars from the sixties and seventies, the magazine will also cater for the more modern classics of the mid to late 1980s, so all tastes will be catered for. To reflect the diverse modified classic scene in Ireland, the magazine covers a wide range of styles from historic rally cars and Italian sportsters to American muscle cars and Japanese legends. Retro Classics aims to cater for a movement previously overlooked in this country, which is growing at a huge pace; the market can best be described as a crossover between the true vintage and classic car enthusiast and the modified motor fan. This new publication will also keep a regular eye on events such as track days, historic motorsports and static shows, with previews of upcoming events to ensure our readers are kept up-to-date on the retro classic scene in Ireland.

Annual subscription includes 4 pages which are posted every quarter.

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