Trackday Car Preparation


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Trackday Car Preparation helps you choose the best upgrades for your trackday car. Tailored to your budget, your chosen car, and what you want to get out of your trackdays, this book gives advice on the best places to direct your modifications to deliver the results that you want. Whether you’re after out-and-out speed, fun handling, or maybe tractability and adjustability, this book gives you the advice you need to help make your car a potential trackday winner.

• Make your car faster, safer and more reliable

• Categorises upgrades by cost, importance and relevance

• Covers all budgets, from ‘bargain basement’ to top-line race cars

• Explains why and how specific upgrades work

• Looks at the pros and cons of using an ex-race car

• Covers the key points of track driving techniques

• Shows the best order in which to perform upgrades

• Details different trackday providers

• Investigates insurance and its benefits

• Looks at the best cars to buy on various budgets