Are you going to Swords on Sunday?

Well that’s the question many would normally be asking this week as the Classic & Vintage Sale, Show & Autojumble run by Dermott Flynn would normally take place on the first weekend in April. Well, that was pre-Covid… 

While the show has a full title, it affectionately became known as ‘the Swords show’ due to its now long-time venue in the National Show Centre, very close to Dublin Airport.   This has been home to the show since 2009, prior to which there were a few instalments on the grounds of the City West Hotel and also the Spa Hotel in Lucan, its first venue I think.  Dermott holds the show twice a year, one in April and another in October, and the venue is really ideal with loads of indoor space for the great autojumble that in later years was managed by our good friend Paul MacNaughton, who incidentally hasn’t had the best of health in recent times and I personally wish him well. Also indoors would be some of the cars for sale, with the overflow outside the door on hard parking. The large grass area to the rear of the building would be filled with further lines of cars on show. 

The event initially started out as just a sale, but over the years has grown to meet the demand for an autojumble and show. It’s a winning formula, as it has been a notable success. Of course, there has been no show since October 2019, when Ian Shipley last attended the event on our behalf. Below is Ian’s take on the event. Personally this is one event I really look forward to each year, and on behalf of all enthusiasts who have attended it, and the Irish Vintage Scene team, I want to extend sincere thanks to Dermott Flynn and his team for providing us with a truly enjoyable event that really caters for everyone. It’s one that we all look forward to attending again, let’s hope sooner rather than later. 

Introduction by Tom Heavey