We at Irish Vintage Scene are proud to announce that the first National Classic Spin for Mental Health will take place on August 8th, 2021. Hosted by Irish Vintage Scene with the support of FBD Insurance, and supporting Aware, we hope that this unique event will promote the benefits of the old vehicle and restoration hobby as a way of coping and dealing with mental health issues, particularly stress, anxiety and those arising from loneliness and a lack of social outlets, while also promoting the support services that are now more valuable than ever following our recent restrictions on travel and social interactions.

To ensure that all enthusiasts can support this initiative, we’ve selected a number of routes around the island, so there’s sure to be one that’s convenient for you. Each route features a branded centre-point where participating vehicles (cars, motorcycles and commercials) will be photographed as they pass, and later published on www.irishvintagescene.ie as well as our social media pages. A shorter way to put it would be: “Let’s all go for a spin and have some fun!”



 Thomas Heavey, managing editor of Irish Vintage Scene Magazine:

“The idea behind the National Classic Spin has been with us for a while now, as we are among those who felt the negative impact of the lockdowns. We feel like our hobby has a lot of potential as a means to battle mental health issues, and we want to give the motoring enthusiasts a fun and rewarding occasion to show off their unique, classic cars to cheer up other road users, while raising awareness of this important issue.”

Myles O’Reilly, FBD Insurance:

“As we emerge from lockdown , we are delighted to be supporting an event which encourages the classic car community all over Ireland to take their car for a spin on the 8th of August, and which will show their support for the charity Aware.ie. I look forward to participating in this worthy event myself and hope to see many of the readers of Irish Vintage Scene on the day enjoying themselves.


“Aware is delighted to be a part of the ‘Let’s go for a Spin’ for Mental Health event.

Aware is the national organisation providing free support, education and information services to those impacted by anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and related mood conditions. Founded in 1985, the organisation developed in response to the clear need for information, understanding and support, both for individuals with a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder as well as family members supporting a loved one.”



If you like to put a few miles on your classic vehicle for a good cause, and have fun doing it, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register your vehicle (car, motorcycle or commercial) using the form below, registration is priced at €10 per vehicle. Please note only vehicles from 2001 or older can participate.
  2. You’ll then receive an event pack in the post. All packages will be sent in advance of the event date.
  3. Put our sticker on your vehicle to signify to everyone that you’re taking part in support of mental health.
  4. Choose your route from our list, and spend an hour or so on August 8th on a spin with fellow motoring enthusiasts all over the country!
  5. Take in one of our branded centre-points during your spin, where we’ll do our best to take a photo of your vehicle as it passes.
  6. Find any photos of your vehicle on www.goforaspin.ie or our social media channels.