Issue 2 (July 2006)


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July 2006, Issue 2

–       A TALE OF TWO TRACTORS: Norbert Sheerin takes a look at two very different tractors, a Lanz Bulldog and a Ferguson 20 Diesel, belonging to Michael Fitzgerald from Galway.

–       THE GORDON BENNETT CLASSIC RUN: Stan Carey delves into the history of the 1903 Gordon Bennett Race, which famously ‘saved motorsport’, and which also formed the basis for events like the present-day Gordon Bennett Classic Run.

–       1911 BSA MOTORCYCLE: Number 385 off the production line, this 1911 BSA is one of the oldest examples known to exist. Having been used to power a water pump and a hare at a greyhound track, it has now been completely restored.

–       FORD CONSUL MK2: One of the first instances of tailfins in this part of the world, the Mk2 Consul was a memorable car in its day and is still highly prized by nostalgic enthusiasts. Here, Norbert Sheerin catches up with the proud owner of a 375 Deluxe model.

–       THE LONGFORD COPPER BELLY: Unmistakeable thanks to its distinctive colours, the first-generation Ferguson FE35 is hot property for tractor fans nowadays as it was only built between 1956 and 1957.

–       AIRFIELD CAR MUSEUM: Ernie Whalley visits Airfield Car Museum, on the outskirts of Dublin City, to explore its array of fascinating exhibits.

–       EMCO POWER HORSE: Gerry Barrett takes a quick look at the ‘Power Horse’, surely one of the most unusual tractors of all…

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