6.1-litre E-Type Resto-Mod Unleashed

Following in the vein of resto-mods like the Singer Porsche 911 and the Alfaholics Alfa-Romeo GTA-R, Jaguar’s iconic E-Type has now been put under the knife at specialists E-Type UK to create their vision of this big cat for the 21st century, under the new brand ‘Unleashed’.

While the Series III E-Type is often bemoaned by purists for its extra size and weight, being more of a GT than a sports car, it did have one major advantage over its earlier brethren – it was the only E-Type equipped from the factory with the famous 5.3-litre Jaguar V12 engine. For this reason, it’s the version chosen by E-Type UK on which to base their first Unleashed model, which has been the subject of a 4,000-hour restoration and modification process.

Featuring upgraded suspension, braking and more, this Series III Roadster is powered by a modified 6.1-litre version of the Jaguar V12 engine, fitted with a bespoke side-draught electronic fuel injection system to generate about 400bhp. A new twelve-branch, ceramic-coated, stainless-steel exhaust means that the Unleashed sounds as well as it goes, while a new five-speed manual gearbox gives the driver full control over the power-plant. Amenities like heated seats, central locking, air-conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity also bring the leather-trimmed cabin up to modern standards, for comfortable travel no matter the journey.

In comparison to the highly modified power-train, the exterior of the Unleashed receives only a minor tuck here and there, amounting to a redesigned front grille, a more minimalist bumper design and wider sixteen-inch wire wheels for a wider stance without ruining the sixties theme of the E-Type. In our opinion the headlamps with circular LED running lights are an overplayed accessory nowadays, and jar with the overall effect, but we’re sure that for the £325,000stg starting price for an Unleashed (and that’s supplying your own E-Type to convert) the company will be able to fit any headlamps you like…

For further information, see etypeuk.com/unleashed/