Kilkenny Motor Club Show Cancelled

Just in the last week or so, news has filtered through of the cancellation of another much-anticipated classic car event. The Kilkenny Motor Club are well-known for their very popular and well-organised annual car show in St. James’ Park in Kilkenny, which attracts massive turnouts of vintage and classic cars of all kinds. This year’s event was scheduled for the 29th of August, but due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid restrictions the club have decided to cancel the show.

“I can confirm that due to the current restrictions and some other factors, the Kilkenny Motor Club committee have no alternative but to cancel the Kilkenny Motor Club Show that was to take place on the 29th of August this year,” said the club’s secretary, David Dreeling to Irish Vintage Scene last week, a decision that is disappointing but totally understandable in the current circumstances. 

An event that has regularly attracted upwards of 800 exhibits on occasion, the 2021 Kilkenny Motor Club show will be sorely missed by enthusiasts from all over the country, and will be even more anticipated for 2022, when hopefully the disruption caused by Covid-19 will be but a memory. To remind us what we will be missing on the 29th of August, here is a gallery of photos from recent Kilkenny Motor Club shows. See you there in 2022.