Retro Classics Issue 18, (July-September 2015)


Teatime Express

Life can, and does, throw the oddest things our way. Some stop us dead in our tracks, while others can be the catalyst for greater things. A motorbike accident should have stopped Brendan Cumiskey from living life in the fast lane, but it turns out it was just the start of things, as his potent Mini attests.

91RCS1525139_V3Shooting Star

Hillclimbing is one area of motorsport that’s particularly good from a spectator point of view as there’s always a massive variety of machinery taking part, from almost stock hot-hatches to blisteringly quick single-seater racing cars. Any spectators lucky enough to see Mark Carroll’s wild turbocharged Starlet in action won’t forget it in a hurry.

Fire up the quattro…

1980 could be remembered for many different reasons, but for the motoring world it was the year we met the quattro. We mark the 35th anniversary of this performance legend by taking five examples up the famous Knockalla stage in Co. Donegal.

Escape Hatch

The wild-looking Vauxhall HP Firenza captured the imagination of the motoring public when it was launched in 1973, but perhaps even more distinctive was the Magnum Sportshatch version, which is extremely rare today. We travel to Cork to find one of the few left.

Battle of the Original Hot Hatches

If you’re a regular reader of Retro Classics, then you won’t need any introduction to the history of the hot hatchback. The formula is simple: stick a big engine into a shopping car, add the odd red detail and hey presto – a cheap, fast and practical set of wheels. The Mk1 Golf and Peugeot 205 were two of the finest ever, but which one is best?

‘Roid Rage

There are some cars that you’d think couldn’t be improved upon, and one of these must surely be the iconic Chevrolet Corvette. Brendan Glennon’s pumped-up wide-body example is rolling proof that even the best can be bettered.

Family Flyer

Back in 1985, when Tom Moylan bought his very first new car, he had no idea that his son Barry would still own it thirty years later. However it looks very different now, with two-litre Celica power and plenty of GT touches throughout.


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